Maybe, Just, Nothing

There is no first element or last element of an empty list. So what should a self-respecting programming language return? It might return such a NULL or undefined and trust the programmer to check for that value. It might raise an exception it requires or maybe just hopes the programmer will handle.

Elm promises to have no runtime exceptions. To guarantee that the application properly handles such conditions Elm borrows the Maybe type from Haskell. Let's take a look at its definition.

Type Maybe a = Just a | Nothing.

We see Maybe is a union type. A Maybe must either be a Just something or a Nothing. Also it is parameterized, so we can use it for lists of any type.

Problems returning Maybe

Problem 1 - Get last element of a list.

Problem 2 - Get penultimate element of a list.

Problem 3 - Get the element of a list at a specified index.

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