Problem 70a

A multiway tree has a root element and a set of successors which are multiway trees themselves. A multiway tree is never empty, although it's list of children may be an empty list.

  • Define type to a represent multiway trees.
  • Create a tree instance to represent the tree in the diagram below.
  • Write a function to count all nodes of the tree.

Unit Test

import Html
import List

type MTree a = 
    -- your definition goes here 

mtree70 = 
    -- instantiate the multiway tree illutrated above 

count : MTree a -> Int
    -- your definition goes here

main =
        (if (test) then
            "Your implementation passed all tests."
            "Your implementation failed at least one test."

test : Bool
test =
    List.all ((==) True)
      [ count mtree70 == 7



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